Welcome to Rio de Janeiro.


No other city in the world with so much charm  bears  the title of “Marvelous” like  Rio de Janeiro. The perfection  of nature, which placed the sea and mountains side by side in perfect harmony, join the Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Maracana,  and the festive lifestyle of Rio. More than a postcard, Rio  is a mood, always cheerful and uplifting. The city is about 30 km of coastline bordered by sidewalks and bike paths taken by people all day walking, cycling, running or just watching the movement.

Cliff Park: from the Pier you can see the  beaches of Ipanema and Leblon – Photo: Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Beyond the beaches – from Copacabana  passing by the neo-hippie fair in Ipanema – you still are close to the  Lagoon  Rodrigo de Freitas, then reaching Flamengo Park going up to the  Tijuca Forest, surrounded  by beautiful natural scenery and plenty of space for sports outdoors. Rio , however, is also about  night life and this can be seen by the  bohemian side of Lapa. The neighborhood, which has experienced a long period of decline,has  returned  to being a meeting point for fans of samba – but also opens space for different musical styles to be seen .

Close to Lapa, the old capital of the Empire and the Republic holds a beautiful architectural collection of nineteenth and twentieth centuries that now houses museums and cultural spaces. Located  in the center of the city,you can see old  buildings  on a walk through Cinelandia, where there are buildings like the Municipal Theater and National Museum of Fine Arts, and around the Praça XV, surrounded by the Imperial Palace, the Centro Cultural Banco of  Brazil,  the France-Brazil House … Once you are  in the business district area , take a cable car, across  Arcos da Lapa and stop by the  Santa Teresa neighborhood with its narrow streets full of houses that serve as studios, bars and shops.

Rio de Janeiro  is home to major cultural and sporting events throughout the year – the city gets even busier in summer when the two main parties of the country attract people from around the world. On New Year’s Eve, tons of fireworks color the skies of Copacabana to greet the New Year, while the merry Carnival takes over the streets,  the Sambadrome is the scene of crowded parades of  samba schools.

 A nice thing to do after the beach,is to drink a  beer in one of the local  bars  where you can snack  on tradicional brazilian food .

Tiradentes Palace


The Tiradentes Palace was inaugurated in 1926 when the federal Capital was moved to the capital city Brasília  the building has an ecletic style and was used by  the National Congress until 1960 located near the Imperial Palace in the heart of Rio de Janeiro in downtown area

Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi

Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi

Just  13 km separates the beauty  of Niteroi. It´s worth a visit to see  the beautiful landscape  of Rio de Janeiro. However, the city offers much more. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), made of a complex of forts, the famous Fish Market, the diversified commerce, cuisine and the beautiful beaches of Niteroi are a must see for those visiting the capital.

The city has the name of Indian origin . Nitcheroy in Tupi-Guarani, meaning  hidden water , because of its secure position in relation to enemy attacks. And indeed, its beaches are the refuge of Rio and its beauties are not always known by Brazilians. Read more »

Christ Redeemer


Considered one of the seven wonders of  the world ,the  Monument of  Christ the Redeemer is one of the most beautiful symbols of Rio de Janeiro, the Statue of 

Christ was considered a National Historic Landmark built in 1932 is the symbol of Christianity to the locals and tourists around the world that visit our city. Read more »

Ipanema Beach


World famous for the song ¨the girl from Ipanema ¨, played by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes’s,  famous Ipanema beach is located along the Vieira Souto .  It  is the most  sophisticated beach in Rio and a meeting place for famous actors and actresses and  beautiful Brazilian women parading on the beach in their bikini thongs  that in the 60s and 70s dictated fashion in Rio marked by an era and a generation .  During the day you  can  see people  practicing  beach volleyball, running ,  biking  ,  bodyboarding  and  surfing . At  night  the kiosks are filled with locals and tourists drinking  coconut water, relaxing and contemplating the view . The CARIOCA soul lives in  Ipanema and when they receive visitors they become  infected  by the spirit  of Brazil. Read more »

Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden was created in 1808 by Dom Joao VI in order to make a garden of acclimatization of spices from the East India and today we celebrate 200 years of existence, when we walk through it we can see several species of plants and trees from different countries . The garden has several attractive it is the calling card of our city known internationally for its beauty, richness and diversity, charms in the historical, cultural, scientific and landscaping. Protected by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage, its area has been defined by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve area. walk the alleys is to leave behind the heat and chaos of the city. Under the shade of old trees, it seeks inspiration and energy. It was  there that the maestro Tom Jobim composed beautiful songs, conducting the symphony of birds, palm trees and Imperial are the main attraction of the Park preferred by scholars and lovers of nature.



Sugar-loafThe thrill of the ride to Sugar Loaf begins well before they reach the top of the hill, 400 meters above sea level. The adventure begins with a tram ride, a glass lift which provides details and angles of the  perfect unique geography of Rio.

The first stop is made at the Urca Hill, 220 feet high. From there, he met the Guanabara Bay and Botafogo Bay. In the second and final stop, the panoramic view presents, beyond the bay, much of the edge of the Zona Sul and Niterói. In summer, it is worth climbing the Sugar Loaf at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset, the sun or at night to see the city lights and chime in Noites Cariocas – shows with great names of Brazilian music.
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